Ben Smith Drummer

Ben Smith is an experienced drummer providing drumbeats, drum tracks and drumming performances with renowned musicians and bands. Ben is on drums for the band Heart and has appeared with the band on the Jay Leno Tonight show and on Conan. Ben also performed on drums with Nancy Wilson and Mike McCready for the Cameron Crowe film "Vanilla Sky" starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz, including the song "I Fall Apart", sung by Cameron Diaz. He recorded drums for the Cameron Crowe film (and soundtrack) "Almost Famous", with Nancy Wilson composing and performing, featuring Peter Frampton and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, which included the songs by the band "Stillwater". The soundtrack for this film won the Grammy award for Best Soundtrack at the Grammys 2001, and the film took the Oscar for Best Screenplay. Today Ben spends his time today touring with the band Heart as their drummer (touring with Def Leppard Summer 2011) and Ben provides drum clinics for people and for corporations interested in using his unique 'drum clinic' approach to effective teambuilding.

Drum Clinics

Ben Smith's interest in presenting drum clinics has come from his experience of watching professionals who are active in musical performance and his fondness of interacting with people of all ages. Ben's drum clinics involve exposing the crowd to the techniques he uses while working live, and in the recording studio with a wide array of musicians and artists. Ben gives tips on drum fundamentals, from the beginning concepts of sticking and hand technique - to the importance of practicing with a metronome, odd-meter drumming, drum tuning, and drum groove composition, and explains how these basic points apply to all types of musicians.

The Ben Smith Drum Experience

Ben has had a great time bringing drum rhythm magic to people in a variety of settings, from schools and organizations in his community, to clinics and teambuilding workshops for national organizations and companies.

The Ben Smith Drum Experience is a teambuilding program like no other found in the USA. With the stage dressed to resemble a rock show, and a multimedia presentation blaring Heart videos and music, attendees don't know what to expect.

Meeting tables are dressed with rhythm kits, including plastic buckets and drumsticks. Ben starts the session with a powerful drum solo followed by a big surprise for the audience. He introduces the top executives from the company, dressed like rock n' rollers, who proceed to join Ben in a choreographed rhythm performance. Ben then leads the attendees in a rhythm clinic using the buckets, sticks, and even their voices.

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